Lamont Pete

Board Member

What do Kelly Rowland, Taylor Swift, Pitbull, Snoop Dogg and former President Bill Clinton all have in common? There is only one element that braids them together: Lamont Pete. Knowing of Lamont Pete in the entertainment industry gives the impression of an industry insider with knowledge of one of the hottest, and least known, talent producers in the music, entertainment and celebrity business.

Lamont Pete doesn't believe in limitations. An entertainment industry veteran with over two decades in the business, his story is similar to other leaders. Starting small, Pete began as a casting director and slowly working his way up, and around, he earned the position of Executive Producer.

Understanding the industry, and the early years, were a good training ground as Pete made several strategic decisions that allowed him maintain his film and television producing gigs and grab a piece of an exploding urban music market.

Now, with a stable of Number 1 recording artists, crossing all genres, Pete is known as the go to man for the after party scene.

With a talent roster that can fill every imaginable event, Pete also creates content for scripted and non-scripted television and film projects.

Although Pete insists the project "is still in early development." Bossip and other fan websites are already buzzing with expectation. As producer for "The Simple Life Goes to Camp" with Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton, "Blind Date" and "The Real World" one can understand why.

Lamont brings a wealth of knowledge and connections to the Global Disruptive Technologies team. His understanding of how the entertainment and sports industry works and ability to bring top talent to our marketing and branding team, in invaluable. We are excited to have him as part of the executive team!